Friday, December 12, 2008

Holiday Frenzy and Craziness!

It's that time of year where everyone is going in every which way and that is the crazy way! LOL

I know most of you are aware of my hectic schedule of late and thank you for your patience with everything. The good news is I got the job and start with orientation on Monday (Dec 15). It should be a very interesting job, since it is in the ER and it is the night shift. What was I thinking?! Oh right, I want to have a flexible schedule to be home most of the time with my boys and I think this will be a good fit.

Anyhoo . . . lots going on and I would love to hear how all of you are doing. I know some of you, who I chat with on facebook, have been busy with making Christmas gifts etc and I am so envious of you. Things have been nuts here that I am so behind on all of that and even my Christmas cards too! Please see some of the new posts on the specials going on with Stampin' Up this month.


Angela said...

Yay Meri! Congrats on the job.

What will you be doing in ER? I hope it's busy enough to keep you awake all night.

Meri said...

Thank you!

I am a unit secretary. I am hoping it will be busy enough too. The first night, last Thurs., was a killer! Not busy enough, but at least I know what to expect and what I can do during that time when it is quiet. = )